Monday, December 28, 2009

Exchange Rate Dilemma

Hi guys... now i am writing about something financial....Exchange rate.. the financial term each expatriate look after everyday.As an expatriate living in Dubai i am in a dilemma ... how to feel about this variation in exchange rate. On the first thought it is better for us if the exchange rate is high and we can get more Indian rupee while we exchange UAE dirhams.Actually whats happening is the value of the rupee is diminishing when market is down,i am an Indian and all of my investments in Indian markets so whenever the market is down me only get diminishing returns to our investments.And moreover.. the growth rate and the image of my country is also diminishing while market is down.
This is my problem how to feel at par with market fluctuations?Can i long for more exchange rate then my home country is down and my investments are down.Can i long for less exchange rate then my income is reducing considerably.Ha ha ha great thought right?? Actually i know there is no solution..... be in present and happy about everything thats what i want to do..

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