Saturday, January 23, 2010

Role Play

Friends...My first baby will come out soon in 2 he is on full term in his mother's womb and really enjoying the warmth,love and protection of his mother.We are eagerly waiting for that moment...the prize of god for our love...A CHILD....

In this situation i am thinking about the roles we are playing in our life.First i was a baby and wandering for the love and protection of others ...i got it those from my grand parents,the most influenced persons in my life is my grandfather and grandma (achachan and mattama in my language) .These 2 persons moulded my attitude and everything.I got the first lesson of unconditional love from my grandma and the first lesson of professionalism from my grandfather.

Second as a teenager who struggled to find a place of his own and felt cut his wings by the sword of comparison in academic performance.Those days were the most hatred days of my life,nobody wants to listen me and no body knows what gives happiness to me.Obviously i labelled as a stupid,and i too behaved like that only,no responsibilities that time,i was with my local friends all time and did so many stupid thinks (really enjoying those thoughts now),we drank too much,smoked too much,some stupid things we did were not appropriate to write here so i am censoring that.But i had an inner fire to succeed in life and i realized that after some years... and then no look back.

Third as a young man....Great life... i got a good job in cochin after my studies and life rocked there.I learned from my past mistakes and lived for my happiness. Cochin is a great city for me and it gave me the career break as an engineer after my graduation, gave me my soulmate,got a different vision to life by met krishnamani mam(one of the greatest personalities i met ever),the city has a lot of scope to become next metro in India and i love that thought,Its evening is very beautiful.

Fourth as a lover...i too laughed very much and felt most happiness that time..when i am in love to my soul mate before our marriage.Those morning and evening was specially devoted to her only,i forgot my work,my career,everything that time,only love in my mind..mad with love.

Fifth as a husband....vow...what a change to life,we got somebody to love as our own and i am loving her more than me.Our ways are changed to accommodate this new person in our life and we have no secret in our life,we are feeling some divine presence in our life when we love each other unconditionally.That is a better life i think so.I am getting the love i needed for my life going and i feel she is the most precious gift from god.

And now as a father of a boy...i am transformed to act as a father now,and i am feeling the love to my child.I don't know how it will change my life but one thing is sure my child's life should be totally different from my childhood should be weaved in love only......I LOVE YOU MY SON...COME SOON TO MY HAND....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Exchange Rate Dilemma

Hi guys... now i am writing about something financial....Exchange rate.. the financial term each expatriate look after everyday.As an expatriate living in Dubai i am in a dilemma ... how to feel about this variation in exchange rate. On the first thought it is better for us if the exchange rate is high and we can get more Indian rupee while we exchange UAE dirhams.Actually whats happening is the value of the rupee is diminishing when market is down,i am an Indian and all of my investments in Indian markets so whenever the market is down me only get diminishing returns to our investments.And moreover.. the growth rate and the image of my country is also diminishing while market is down.
This is my problem how to feel at par with market fluctuations?Can i long for more exchange rate then my home country is down and my investments are down.Can i long for less exchange rate then my income is reducing considerably.Ha ha ha great thought right?? Actually i know there is no solution..... be in present and happy about everything thats what i want to do..

Friday, December 25, 2009


I viewed Aamir khan's 3 IDIOTS yesterday,its a wonderful film.Its theme is self actualization and give us the message that everybody needs to follow their dreams success will come in their way.We know lot of people around us in wrong careers especially professionals engineers, doctors etc...they came to wrong career for fulfilling their parents desire.But nobody asked them what to become,their inner desire is different but they only followed their parents dream to become a professional....So they are struggling to find happiness in their profession.If they choose their desired career their story will be different.

So please don't hammer your children with your dreams, they have their own dreams to follow,please allow that.ALL IS WELL...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Indian Christmas

These are some thought provoking Indian Christmas images.


Christmas Night

Iam not a Christian even then iam feeling to celebrate Christmas night here in Dubai today.But unfortunately i am in late shift and need some time to go out.My family is not here with me now (went India before 2 days)so iam planning to go with my friends here.
In my indian days i celebrated Christmas with my Christian friends namely bineesh,paradeep abraham,shiju etc in their home in payyampalli with lot of beer.From the evening itself we started to eat good spicy food(especially beef) prepared by their parents, drink lot of beer and in the night we joined the carol party from church and on the early morning we went to church and listened priest's boring Christmas speech .....ha ha ha feeling nostalgic.
I don't know what is in store for me today ......happy Christmas wishes to all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fresh Thought

This is a neutral period i think. No fresh thought.Life is moving only.But you know this is very difficult for me to live without fresh thinking.I need something to hang around..searching deliberately now....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kerala Traditional Food

Here i am having my breakfast in my flat in Dubai....the food is Kerala traditional food puttum kadalayum.Actually it is not prepared in my home, its ordered from nearby Kerala hotel.Actually Dubai malayalee expats are privileged i think..lot of Kerala restaurant chains are here so we can have Kerala food anytime..What you like most in Kerala food category??? Its a difficult question to answer right..yea i know about me its easy to say what me don't like rather than i like...i don't like ??? ha ha ha thinking.....nothing.....every item have its own taste....